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Jeff Zweerink at St Peter’s, West Harrow

July 2014

On Sunday evening, I had an invitation from one of my colleagues on the Course in Christian Studies to listen to an American speaker, Jeff Zweerink, at St Peter’s Church, West Harrow. Jeff is an Astrophysicist at UCLA as well as being a Christian from childhood and was having difficulty reconciling his faith with his knowledge of science until he heard Hugh Ross speak on Science and Christianity. From him he learned about the Reasons to Believe group, based in California, for which he now speaks.

Jeff’s presentation began with him talking about his own life and how he came to move from the Mid-West, where he was brought up, to California and how he came to see that conflict between scientific ideas and Christian thought was apparent rather than real. In this sense, it was more a personal testimony than a rigorous examination of the interaction between Science and Religion although he did mention his own book on the Multiverse and answered questions on a range of scientific areas.

You can find more about Jeff and Reasons to Believe here.


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