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About me

I am an experienced applied physicist with a background in Physics and Astronomy. Between 2014 and 2016 I took a Graduate Diploma in Theology and Religious Studies at Kings College, London. Since then I have continued my interest in Theology with an emphasis on Historical Jesus studies. This blog recounts my thoughts and experiences before, during and after the course.

My LinkedIn profile can be found at

All the photographs at the top of the blog pages were taken by myself and are (from left to right)

A fumarole in the Hverir area by Mt Namafjall in north-east Iceland.

The 4.2 metre telescope at Kitt Peak Observatory.

Interior of the Abbey Church at Weissenau, Ravensburg.

Exterior of St Martin’s Church, Vic. This church is noted for its 12th Century frescos.

I can be contacted at: laurencox at cix dot co dot uk

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